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Sonic offers quality food at great prices. This combination makes the restaurant ideal for anyone looking for a fast and inexpensive breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Look below for up to date Sonic Menu Prices.

Local Favorites

Some of the most popular items on the Sonic menu are their local favorites. The restaurant has designated a small part of their menu board to items that are ordered the most often. The star of these selections is without a doubt the Sonic Cheeseburger ($3.29-$3.89). A hot and juicy burger with your choice of toppings. The favorites menu also includes the Chicken Strip Dinner, which consists of 4 strips, Texas Toast, Gravy, and  Onion Rings. This is a great option for anyone with a big appetite who wants a variety of items ($4.50-$5.29). Next there is the Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich ($4.75-$5.25), available either crispy or grilled. Lastly there is the BLT Toaster ($2.70-$3.39). This is a classic Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich served on toasted bread and topped with mayo.


Much like most other fast food restaurants, Sonic’s combos include one menu item, fries, and a drink. For the most part making your order a combo will cost around $2 more on top of the cost for your burger. So basically your’re getting fries and a drink for about a dollar each. One popular combo meal at Sonic’s is there Sonic burger which will cost you about $3, making the combo about $5. It is also  notable that you have the option of fries or tater tots with you combo. The restaurant’s combo meals are a good value for the amount of food. They are popular among those looking for a complete meal.


Sonic’s also accommodates those looking for an early morning meal. In fact they have several breakfast burritos and sandwiches to choose from.  One such burrito is their Supersonic breakfast burrito. It starts with a flour tortilla that is loaded with scrambled eggs, Sausage, onions, tomato, and cheese ($2.99-$3.59). If your’e not in the mood for a burrito, consider ordering one of their Croissant Sandwiches or Breakfast Toaster Sandwiches. Both will cost you around $3.09-$3.59 (each). Apart from their sandwiches and burritos they also offer items such as French Toast Sticks, Banana Slices, and Apple Slices.  And just like the regular day menu all breakfast items can be made into a combo

Everyday Value menu

If you are on a budget, Sonic’s Value Menu is perfect for you. They offer several options for just a dollar each. When you order you may choose among the following items: Jr. Breakfast Burrito, Jr. Burger Deluxe, Chicken Strip Sandwich, Corn Dog, Hot Dog, Jr. Fritos Chili Cheese Wrap, Small Tater Tots, Small Fries, Fresh Banana, Small Famous Slush, Jr. Candy Cone, Vanilla Cone.


Sonic’s doesn’t have a huge selection of Salads. Their two options include a Grilled Chicken Salad and a Crispy Chicken Salad. Both options cost the same at about $5 each.

Kids Meals

If you are eating with little ones, don’t worry Sonic’s has you covered. Their kids meals include one entree, a side, kid sized drink, and a toy. Entree options include chicken strips, Hot Dog, Jr. Burger, Grilled Cheese, and Corn Dog.


For 50 cents you can order upgrades like American Cheese, Hot Chili, Crispy Bacon, and Spicy Jalapenos.  Sonic menu prices for upgrades may vary.

Fountain Drinks

As with all fast food restaurants, Sonic’s offers a selection of the most popular soda drinks.  The restaurant has four different sizes. The largest is their massive 44 oz size ($2.29-$2.69)

Other Drinks

Apart from their fountain drinks the restaurant also provides of selection of tasty and unique drinks. One of the most popular of these drinks is their Signature Limeades. They are made with fresh limes and come in your choice of the following flavors: Cherry, Strawberry, Lime, Cranberry, Low-cal Diet Cherry, Low-cal Diet Lime. If Limeade isn’t your cup of tea, consider trying one of their Classic Slushes. Their Slushes come in Cherry, Grape, Watermelon, Orange, Blue Coconut, Powerade, and Cranberry. If you just aren’t in the mood for fruit drinks, consider one of their Iced teas or coffee.

Snacks And Sides

To compliment your meal, you have several options. A few classic sides include things such as fries, onions rings and tater tots. Sonic’s more unique burger restaurant sides include Chili Cheese Pie, Mozzarella Sticks, and Chili Cheese Tots. Generally a small side at Sonic’s is $1-$3, while a Medium order is $1.50-$4, and a large is $1.89-$4.49.

Please keep in mind the Sonic Menu prices shown may vary from location to location. Also please note that Sonic Menu Prices Dot Com is in no way affiliated with Sonic Drive-in or their partners.

How To Save At Sonic Drive-In


Cruisers Club

With Sonic’s “Cruisers Club” saving money on your meal is easier than ever. By signing up you can earn free food and be eligible for various freebies. One major perk of signing up is free food on your birthday. Members receive their choice of one of the following items on birthday: Regular CreamSlush,  Regular Tater Tots or Medium Drink. Signing up for the Cruisers Club is easy. All you have to do is visit Sonic’s main website, click on the “Cruisers Club” tab and select “Become A Member”. Boom, thats it your done, you are now eligible to receive free food. On top of the offers mentioned about you will receive special discounts and offers straight to your e-mail inbox.

Kids Club

If you have children consider signing them up for the Sonic Drive-In kids club.  Doing so will make your kid eligible to play fun games such as the Slush Saucers game. It will also keep you up to date with fun collectible promotions such as the restaurants Slush Saucers.

Value Menu

As mentioned in our previous articles Sonic Drive-In offers a value menu full of dollar items. They refer to it as their Everyday Value Menu. This section of the menu is where you will find the lowest Sonic menu prices the restaurant has to offer. Whats more is that the items are surprisingly filling. They don’t have dinky value menu items like some restaurants do. Visit our earlier article to see what items are available as well as an overview of Sonic menu prices and other restaurant info.


Coupons are the easiest and most valuable way of cutting Sonic menu prices in half. They can be found in several ways. I prefer finding them online. This can is the easiest way to find them as all it takes it a quick Google search. In the search bar simply type in “Sonic Drive In coupons” and view the results. You search should return many sites offering valuable printable coupon offers. If you prefer traditional paper coupons consider looking through your mail or in your newspaper. Alternatively you could head down to your local Sonic Drive-In location and see if their are any in the restaurant. If you don’t immediately see any, ask a worker if they have any behind the counter. One last method that I would like to touch on is the coupon request method. Simply compose an e-mail or letter to Sonic’s expressing that you wish to receive coupon offers. Many restaurants such as Sonic Drive-In will be more than happy to fulfill your request and keep you a happy customer.

Promotional Offers

Always be on the look out for promotional menu item offers. Sonic Drive-In is often experimenting with season 2 for 1 offers for their food. Also keep an eye out for when they come out with new menu items. Typically when a new menu item comes out the restaurant starts it at a low price to encourage customers to try it.

Social Media

Social Media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter are another great way to lower the Sonic menu prices you pay. Simply log on to one of these sites become a fan of Sonic Drive-In and scroll through their feed for recent coupons and promotions. This is relatively new and highly effective way to find coupons and discounts for thousands of restaurants, stores, and products.


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