Sonic Secret Menu

Want to add some fun to your next trip to Sonic? Take a look at The Sonic Secret Menu! 

No matter if you’re an avid Sonic fan or have just discovered this fast-food chain and its menu, it’s a great Place to start.

Sonic Secret Menu

Sonic Secret Menu has many unique and delicious dishes that are guaranteed to satisfy your hunger.

In this Post, we’ll go over the top items from the Secret Menu of Sonic Which range from Shakes to burgers, and everything in between.

Get ready to enhance you Sonic experience to a new level by following this guide on Sonic Secret Menu.

The Best Sonic Secret Menu Items

If You’re a big fan of Sonic You are aware that their menus are filled with lots of delicious Choices.

Did You know that there’s an entire world of delights waiting to be discovered within the Sonic Secret Menu?

Sonic Pickle-O’s

Sonic Pickle-O’s make a distinctive and tasty option to the menu of Sonic’s Secret ingredients. Crispy pickle slices fried in oil make the perfect mix of sweet, salty and sweet.

Sonic Pickle-O’s
                                                              Sonic Pickle-O’s

They are made with dill pickles, seasoned breading and then deep-fried until golden Sonic Pickle-O’s are an extremely very popular side or snack for people Who are a fan of pickles.

If You are a lover of pickles, then you’ll be able to resist Sonic Pickle-O’s. They’re a fantastic alternative to french fries and are ideal to dip into your favorite sauce.

The most appealing aspect? There’s no need to call them by name. Simply Make a request for fries, or Sonic’s employees will understand precisely what you’re talking about.

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Sonic Frito Pie

Also, Sonic Frito Pie Sonic Frito Pie is one of the most sought-after dishes on the Sonic Secret Menu and with it’s for a reason.

Sonic Frito Pie
                                                                                        Sonic Frito Pie

This delicious dish is made up of crispy fritos and is topped with Sonic’s famous chili, cheese and chopped onions. The combination of crispy Fritos along with spicy chili and gooey Cheese is a recipe perfect for fast-food lovers.

If You are a lover or chili-based cheese fries then you’ll be awed by this Sonic Frito Pie. It’s the perfect mix of textures and flavor and it’s a delicious and delicious meal choice.

Additionally, it’s simple to grab and go which makes it an ideal option for meal or an afternoon snack.

If You are looking for an easy-to-eat meal with some spice, give you the Sonic Frito Pie a try. It’s an Old-fashioned Sonic food item that’s bound to satisfy.

Sonic Dr. Pepper Orgasm

This is a drink made with Dr. Pepper, lemonade and Powerade.

Sonic Dr. Pepper Orgasm
                                                      Sonic Dr. Pepper Orgasm

Some don’t get the concept however it’s a tasty drink. It’s Sweet and tart and will give you an energy boost.

It’s the Dr. Pepper Orgasm is an excellent drink for people seeking a little excitement. However, be ready for a dose of Sugar and caffeine This drink is not for those Who aren’t careful!

It’s also not the most appropriate item for families to order loudly So You might be better off saving this one for the times you’re craving an ice-cold drink on the journey home from work.

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Sonic Sonic Sunrise

Sunrise is a refreshing and revitalizing drink that’s accessible on the Sonic Secret Menu.

Sonic Sunrise
                                                              Sonic Sunrise

The drink is made from a blend consisting of Powerade, Sprite and orange juice Which makes it the ideal drink to cool down during a hot summer day.

Sonic Sunrise Sonic Sunrise is a great choice for people who like citrus flavours. The orange juice imparts an obnoxious and sweet taste as well as Sprite and Powerade add tang.

Powerade and Sprite Provide the drink with a refreshing and fizzy taste. In addition, the vibrant orange color will certainly make you smile. face.

If You are in search of a flavorful and unique drink to enjoy at Sonic, the Sonic Sunrise is definitely worth having a go. It’s not available on the regular menu, however, it’s simple to order from The Secret Menu.

Sonic Purple Sprite

It’s the Sonic Purple Sprite is a delicious and colorful drink offered in the Sonic Secret Menu. This drink is unique in that it’s Created using a mix consisting of Powerade, Sprite, and grape flavoring. It’s a refreshing, sweet drink that is ideal for those Who love grape soda.

Sonic Purple Sprite
                                                          Sonic Purple Sprite

It’s the Sonic Purple Sprite is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a lively and lively drink that will brighten you up.

The Combination of grapes and Sprite provides the drink with an effervescent and sweet taste as well as the Powerade Provides a touch of tartness to offset the sweetness.

If You are a big fan of the grape-flavored soda then the Sonic Purple Sprite is definitely worth trying.

Sonic Hickory Burger

Hickory Burger delicious burger is made with a juicy beef patty, hickory sauce, crispy bacon and melted cheese, all sandwiched between a soft bun.

Sonic Hickory Burger

The hickory sauce distinguishes this Sonic Hickory Burger from other burger Choices. It’s a sweet and spicy sauce that imparts a distinct flavor to the hamburger.

When it is Combined with the salty bacon and cheese and bacon, the result is an explosion of flavor that will make your taste buds happy.

If You’re fond of burgers that are strong and spicy flavors then the Sonic Hickory Burger is definitely worth trying.

The next time you’re looking for a burger that’s different from the norm Try your taste to the Sonic Hickory Burger a try.

Sonic Ring Leader Loaded Burger

The Ring Leader Loaded Burger is topped with onion rings, bacon, grilled onions and cheese.

Sonic Ring Leader Loaded Burger
                                     Sonic Ring Leader Loaded Burger

If You’re a bacon-loving person with a large appetite, then this recipe is the perfect dish for you. You’ll have to request some extra napkins for this event!

Another tip to consider is mixing condiments like ketchup mayo and mustard (along with any other condiments you like) to dip!

The Burger is perfectly paired with the “special sauce” and you’ll be feeling like you’re getting the most from the menu you’ve created.

Sonic Made-To-Order Burgers

Sonic’s made-to-order burgers are a staple menu item that is always a huge hit with the crowd.

We Prepare our burgers using a juicy all-beef patty, fresh lettuce, ripe onion slices, tomato slices and pickles, along with your choice of cheese, all served on a soft and delicious bun.

Sonic Made-To-Order Burgers

What sets Sonic’s Made To-Order Burgers distinct is its customizable options. You can choose the toppings you like including bacon, jalapenos to avocado.

If you’re more hungry, you could opt for triple or double patties Burger.

At Sonic they allow you to personalize your burger according to your preferences and it’s the ideal food for those who are picky eaters or those who have dietary restrictions.

You can Choose the classic Cheeseburger or something a bit more adventurous Sonic’s Made-to-Order Burgers are a satisfying and delicious alternative.

Sonic Extreme Popcorn Chicken

The World is full of popcorn chicken However, this is something you’ve never seen before.

Sonic Extreme Popcorn Chicken
                                       Sonic Extreme Popcorn Chicken

Sonic’s Extreme Popcorn Chicken is covered in chili and nacho cheese. Add an additional side dish of ranch and you’re ready to go.

If You’ve ever tried Sonic’s standard popcorn chicken, you are aware of how juicy and crispy it is. But this elevates it to a new level.

The Chicken is coated with a variety of spices and flavors before being cooked to perfection. Chili and nacho cheese cause it to be messy but in the best way.

Sonic Extreme Tots

Tater tots are great by themselves. But Sonic’s Extreme Tots have been kicked up a gear.

Sonic Extreme Tots
                                                             Sonic Extreme Tots

Covered with chili, nacho cheese, onions, jalapenos, along with ranch sauce, these will tempt you if you’re a fan of spicy food.

The tots are coated in various flavors and spices and will delight everyone’s palates. Make sure you have a side dish of ranch dressing to keep the heat at bay.

These tins are great because they contain a lot of nutrition, making them suitable for Snacking or as a quick meal while in the car.

Sonic Grilled Ham and Cheese

Its Grilled sandwich of Ham and Cheese Sandwich is an old-fashioned sandwich that has A Sonic twist.

Sonic Grilled Ham and Cheese
                                                          Sonic Grilled Ham and Cheese

The Sandwich contains grilled American cheese and ham, offering a variety of flavors and textures that range from spicy to Cheesy and from buttery to salty.

It’s a basic but delicious sandwich that’s ideal for those seeking something that is easy and familiar to eat or perhaps something that is different from a typical hamburger.

How do I order from the Secret Menu?

For Orders items from The Sonic Secret Menu To order from the Sonic Secret Menu, just inquire with the Sonic staff whether they have any Secret Menu items available.

Certain Sonic establishments may not be aware of Secret Menu items.

so it’s always a good idea to know the recipe or the names of items to make sure there’s no confusion. There are also recipes for the popular Secret Menu items online or via mobile apps.

It is important to remember this Secret Menu items may not be available at all Sonic locations It’s best to contact ahead or go online to determine whether your local Sonic has Secret Menu items before visiting.

What are some popular items on the Secret Menu?

Some of the most popular items on the Sonic Secret Menu include:

  1. Frito Pie – A bed of Fritos topped with chili, cheese, and onions.
  2. Pickle-O’s – Sliced pickles coated in seasoned breading and fried to perfection.
  3. Purple Sprite – A mixture of Sprite, Powerade, and cranberry juice, creating a refreshing and unique drink.
  4. Sonic Sunrise – A breakfast sandwich with eggs, cheese, and your choice of bacon, sausage, or ham on a English muffin or croissant.
  5. Neapolitan Shake – A milkshake made with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream.
  6. Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster – A burger with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on Texas toast.
  7. Grilled Cheese – A grilled cheese sandwich with American cheese, served on Texas toast.

Are Secret Menu items more expensive?

Not necessarily. Hidden Menu items at Sonic usually have the same prices as regular menu items, but their prices may vary depending on the location since they are not listed on the menu.

It’s a good idea to inquire with the Sonic staff regarding the cost for that Secret Menu item you want to purchase so that you don’t face any unexpected costs when you’re ready to pay.

Also, Certain Secret Menu items may be more expensive than others based on the ingredients used and the methods of preparation.

What is the secret menu of Pink Lady at Sonic?

It is a refreshing drink that you can enjoy at any time. Pink Lady at Sonic is a refreshing and delicious drink that isn’t featured as a drink on the menu.

However, a lot of staff are aware of it, making it a hidden menu item that Customers can purchase. To savor this delightful pink treat, simply ask for a Pink Lady, and you’ll receive Sprite infused with cherry juice and vanilla.

The Combination of the fruity cherry and rich vanilla flavors makes an incredibly unique and delicious drink that will surely please your palate. If You ever go to Sonic do not be afraid to sample this delicious off-menu treat for a refreshing pink experience.

What is the secret menu Dr Pepper at Sonic?

The Secret Menu at Dr. Pepper at Sonic is known as”the “Dr. Pepper Orgasm.” It’s a wonderful mix of flavors that incorporates Dr. Pepper, lemonade and Powerade.

While it’s not available on the regular menu, however, you can get this famous drink through Sonic’s Secret Menu.

If you request Dr. Pepper Orgasm, you could get a few snarky glances, but the distinctive mix that comes from Dr. Pepper’s distinctive taste, as well as the tangy citrus taste from lemonade, as well as the refreshing Powerade addition, makes this drink that’s worth trying.

Don’t be afraid to try this refreshing and exciting dessert from Sonic’s Menu of hidden items.

Sonic Opening Hours

sonic opening hour

Days Hours
Monday 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
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Sunday 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Sonic Drive-In Contact Information

  • Sonic Drive-In Corporate Office Address: 300 Johnny Bench Dr.Oklahoma City, OK73104
  • Sonic Drive-In Corporate Phone Number: (405) 225-5000

You can also get in touch with the team at Sonic Drive-In by using the contact form on their website.

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FAQs – Sonic Secret Menu

What is the Sonic Secret Menu?

The Sonic Secret Menu Consists of items that do not appear on the regular menu, but customers can still order them. Fans Often popularize these items through word-of-mouth or by discovering them through curiosity.

Can I customize my Secret Menu order?

Yes! One of the Wonderful features of Secret Menu is that it offers a wide range of personalization. You can include or eliminate toppings, alter the sauce or make your personal Secret Menu item by combining various ingredients.

Are Secret Menu items available at all Sonic locations?

No. While a few Sonic locations might Provide Secret Menu items not all locations will. It’s always an excellent idea to make a call or go online to determine whether your local Sonic has Secret Menu items.

Are Secret Menu items healthy?

Most Secret Menu items at Sonic are generally unhealthy because they typically contain high amounts of fat, calories, and sodium. If You’re looking for something to treat yourself or indulge then you can use the Secret Menu can offers some tasty and unusual choices.

In Conclusion

In the end, Sonic Secret Menu is a fun and engaging way to try new menu items that can add something new to your fast-food experience.

With a amount of imagination and courage you can make your personal Secret Menu item or try some of the most well-known fan-favorites.

Ask nicely and be prepared to pay a fair amount for your purchase.

Go into your nearest Sonic and enjoy this fantastic deal today!

Hope you find complete information about Sonic Secret Menu.

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