Sonic Ice Cream Menu

Are You in search of an enticing and refreshing treat to satisfy your sweet cravings? You should look no further than Sonic Ice Cream Menu.

Sonic Drive-In’s Menu of ice cream is a top choice for fans of desserts everywhere, providing an array of delicious options to choose from.

From traditional milkshakes and sundaes to more unique alternatives such as Sonic Blasts and Master Blasts There’s something to please all tastes on the menu.

Sonic Ice Cream Menu

With More than 20 Ice cream flavors available to choose from and the option to personalize your order with toppings and mix-ins, Sonic Ice Cream Menu will be guaranteed to delight you.

Continue reading to find out more details on this delicious selection as well as the top questions to Sonic Menu ask!


Sonic’s Ice Cream Menu is a delicious treat for anyone looking for something Sweet and refreshing.

The Menu Offers a variety of ice cream flavors, desserts and toppings, making it easy to customize your order. Sonic’s Ice Cream Menu includes:

Waffle Cone Sundaes
flavors: Reese’s peanut butter cups & chocolate, m&m’s chocolate candies
Real Ice Cream Sundaes
flavors: chocolate, strawberry, caramel, pineapple, hot fudge
Molten Cake Sundaes
Rich Chocolate Cake Filled with Hot Fudge & Topped with Real Ice Cream
flavors: turtle, fudge brownie, strawberry banana split
Waffleberry brownie, Peanutty Swirl with Snickers Bars, Brownie & Cookie Dough Madness
Mini Blast $3.39
Small Blast $3.89
Medium Blast $4.59
Large Blast $5.99
M&M’s, Reese’s, Oreo, Butterfinger, and Snickers
Mini Sonic Blast $2.89
Small Sonic Blast $3.39
Medium Sonic Blast $4.09
Large Sonic Blast $5.49

Sonic Sundaes Menu

Item Price
Vanilla Cone $2.00
Ice Cream Dish $2.49
Hot Fudge Sundae $3.65
Caramel Sundae $3.65
Strawberry Sundae $3.65


Sonic’s Ice Cream Menu Offers an amazing selection of desserts to choose from. Ice cream lovers are spoilt for choice as they can indulge in an assortment of options from the Sonic Ice Cream Menu.

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This includes waffle cone sundaes mole cake sundaes, as well as the mentioned Sonic Blasts.

Whichever You pick from Sonic’s ice cream menu There are a variety of flavors to pick from. So You can be assured that you will enjoy your perfect frozen treat in this place!

Like Sonic’s Master Blasts, Sonic’s MasterBlasts blend ice cream and high-quality ingredients. There are plenty of flavors to Choose from.


  • Brownie & Cookie Dough Madness
  • Peanut Butter & Cookie Dough Dream
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Banana Split
  • Triple Chocolate

If You’re looking for a traditional dessert from Sonic’s Ice Cream menu and you’re looking for real ice cream, then Sundaes or Molten Cake sundaes are fantastic options.

The first one is a classy sundae consisting of freshly-made vanilla Ice Cream topped with different sauces such as hot fudge, caramel or even pineapple!

Molten Cake Sundaes will kick the temperature up a notch – an incredibly rich cholate cake topped served with hot Chocolate sauce and tons of vanilla Ice cream!


  • Turtle – Carmel syrup, salted pecans, whipped topping with cherry
  • Fudge Brownie – Extra hot fudge, brownie pieces, whipped topping with cherry
  • Strawberry Banana Split – Fresh bananas and strawberries, whipped topping with cherry

Where can I find Sonic Hedgehog Ice Cream?

Just a few Weeks ago, reports began appearing on Twitter concerning ice creams and special sundaes available at Sonic.

One tweet claims that huge Blue Benny has discounted Sonic hedgehog’s Ice cream bar.

The news is hilarious for a Short Period because it’s one of the most famous ice creams served at Sonic. Later, however, the official website on the official website of Blue Benny posts that this is fake news.

Due to issues with manufacturing during COVID-19, a few of our products were out of inventory.

There is now no problem of this kind. Thus, you are able to locate Sonic Hedgehog’s Ice Cream Close to your Sonic Point.

The Most Popular Desserts on Sonic’s Frozen Treats Menu

sonic ice cream menu

One of the Most Well-Known offerings on their menu includes their blasts which are basically mixtures of their frozen creams together with various other ingredients such as famous chocolate brands.

Sonic’s “Blast” Menu features famous Chocolates and other confectionery items like Oreo Cookie Pieces, Peanut Butter Cups (REESE’S) M&M’S BUTTERFINGERS Snickers and Chocolate Chips cookie dough.

They also give you Options to include organic fruits in your blast if you’d like to remain healthy! The items on their menu for blasts include

SONIC Blast Mixed With Cookie Pieces (OREO)

This item uses a blend of vanilla ice cream and Oreo Cookie pieces. To Customize it, You Can add toppings and other treats to the blast.

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REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup SONIC Blast

It is a blend of vanilla ice cream that can be customized to your taste.

SONIC Blast mixed With Chocolate Candies (Mini M&M’S)

The base is a blend of vanilla ice cream and M&M’S. You can then add your Choice of fresh fruit or toppings to this base.


A fantastic item that Consists of a blend of Vanilla ice cream and butter finger pieces.

SONIC Blast Mixed With SNICKERS Bar

Combines their Vanilla Ice Cream and Snickers chocolate.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blast

The “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blast” is made with a blend of vanilla ice cream and cookie dough pieces that can be customized later to your taste.

The Process of Ordering Your Sonic’s Ice Cream

Sonic Ice creams can be purchased on the internet by registering accounts on the website.

  • Once You have established an account for yourself you’ll get discounts along with other promotions When you buy.
  • If You’re not interested in signing up for accounts on the site You can log in to their website as a guest, and then make the purchase.
  • The Site will automatically track your location and will direct you to the nearest shop.
  • There are multiple locations and drive-through facilities if you prefer to visit your restaurant on foot.
  • You Can also make orders directly via apps such as Postmates, Door Dash and Grub Hub and Uber Eats.

Does Sonic Offer Any Dairy-Free Ice Cream Options?

However, Sonic Currently does not offer dairy-free ice cream alternatives. Ice creams contain dairy that could cause problems for people who have lactose intolerance or allergies.

Yet, Sonic does Offer a range of non-dairy alternatives available on their menus including slushes, slushies and soft drinks that will still satisfy your craving for sweets.

You Can also alter your order to exclude dairy products if you want to. If You’re a person with particular food restrictions, it’s advised to contact your nearest Sonic Drive-In to see what alternatives are available.

Does Sonic Have Any Low-Calorie Ice Cream Options?

Sure, Sonic Offers a few low-calorie ice cream Choices that include the Reduced Fat Vanilla Soft Serve and Sugar-free Vanilla Syrup.

These are excellent options for anyone who is seeking a less-calorie dessert Choice.

Are Sonic’s ice cream treats available year-round?

Yes, Sonic’s Ice Cream treats are available all year long. Although the menu might include seasonal specials or limited-time offers, however, the majority of Sonic’s traditional Ice cream desserts, shakes, sundaes and cones are enjoyed all year long.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a summer hot day or a cold winter evening, You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the delicious flavor of Sonic’s Ice Cream Menu.

So, If You’re Craving Classic vanilla cones or a delicious sundae, you are able to satisfy your ice cream cravings at any time in Sonic Drive-In.

Does Sonic offer any dairy-free ice cream options?

Absolutely! Sonic is aware of the importance of catering to different food preferences. It also offers dairy-free options for ice cream to cater to customers suffering from lactose intolerance or Who prefer to stay clear of dairy products.

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The dairy-free ice creams are designed with care to ensure that they’re as delicious and creamy as their traditional counterparts.

They are made of plants which allows everyone to enjoy the delicious frozen treats without Sacrificing taste.

If You’re in the market for a dairy-free sundae that comes with a variety of delicious toppings or an icy dairy-free slush that is refreshing, Sonic has got you covered.

Similar to their usual Ice Cream Menus, dairy-free choices can be made to fit your personal tastes.

Does Sonic Have Any Limited-Time Ice Cream Flavors?

It’s true, Sonic Often introduces limited-time flavor ice creams during the entire year. Some of their limited-time flavors include Red Velvet Cheesecake and Banana Pudding.

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Can I Customize My Ice Cream Order at Sonic?

Here’s a description of ways to customize the ice cream you take home from Sonic:

  • Choose your base. The first step is to choose the type of ice cream that you’d like to serve as your base. For example, vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.
  • Mix-ins can be added: Sonic Offers a variety of mix-ins you can include in your ice cream including cookies, candy pieces and even fruit.
  • Choose your toppings: You Also, You can also Choose from a large selection of toppings to put on your Ice cream. These include chocolate syrup, whipped cream as well as caramel sauce.
  • Make your portion size customizable Choose what size you want for your ice cream purchase which ranges from a small mini to a huge size.
  • Make a Customized blend: Get imaginative mixing and matching different flavors of ice cream as well as mix-ins and toppings to create your very own mix.
  • In the end, Sonic makes it easy and enjoyable to personalize your order of ice cream according to your preferences.

How To Pay For Your Treats

The Payment Process at Sonic drive-in restaurants is simple. There are a variety of methods of payment you can Choose from. There are a few options:

  • Cash at the drive or with a debit or credit card. These payment methods are accepted at Sonic:
  • Visa
  • Master card Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover cards

You Can Get in Touch With Sonic Through The Following Links

You can use the links below to find out more information about Sonic.

Office Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Contact 1-866-657-6642
Mobile Apps
Store Locator
Gift Cards

You Could Also Connect With Sonic on Social Media!

If You want to see what products Sonic Ice Cream Offers or if you want to be in the loop about their offers, you could follow them on social media.


Reviews of Sonic’s Ice Cream

The Customers of their company have stated that their Slushies and Creams are excellent. One thing that their customers like most is the fact that their ice creams are available in a variety of flavors.

One of the Customers claimed that many of the items they provide on their menus are a bit complicated and that, of the many they decided to go with Oreo Sonic Blast. Oreo Sonic Blast Which they loved to the fullest.

A Customer on the internet also wrote that Sonic’s Customer service was top-notch and the food was amazing.

They Praised the waitress for the excellent service they received and stated they’d be sure to return to get more.

The Same Customer praised the delectable Sonic Oreo Blast Which overall was the item on the menu that received the highest ratings.

Hope you find complete information about Sonic Ice Cream Menu.

For easier of explanation, all costs are listed in table style.

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